Columbine Teacher's Guide

Discussion Questions: Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement & Gun Laws

  1. Define the Active Shooter Protocol. How has the standard police response to attacks like this changed? Have there been attacks where it saved lives?

  2. Should law enforcement or school officials have discovered the plan in advance? What were the key actions they should have taken to discover the plan?

  3. How easily were guns and explosives available to the killers? Should any laws be changed in that regard? Did reading the book change your attitude on gun laws?

  4. What was “the cover-up” and who was involved? Why did they do it? What do you think would have happened if they had admitted the full truth immediately after the tragedy?

  5. When did law enforcement start withholding information from the media? What long-term impact did it have on the public’s understanding. Aside from the cover-up, how did their silence during the first year affect trust within the community? What decisions or incidents during the first year eroded trust?